Horse and Pony Protection in Canada

Horses are among the most beautiful, the most majestic, and the most impressive creatures on the planet. In Canada, as in many other countries around the world, wild horses that roam free in the countryside are protected by government organizations, and wildlife preservation groups. Horse and pony protection is becoming an increasingly widespread campaign that is gaining support in many sectors around the world, and we all stand to benefit.

Horse and pony protection is an especially important concern in Canada, which has a sizable population of wild horses that roam its mountain ranges. Across the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains alone, it is estimated that there are over 950 wild horses. Some of the best-organized horse and pony protection initiatives are centered on this horse population, all with the goal of petitioning the federal government to classify the horses as a heritage species with accordant protection.

Although horse and pony protection is slowly gaining support with environmental advocates among the general public, certain segments of society consider wild horses as invasive species that compete with domesticated animals and other wildlife for food and territory. Although it is apparent that there are some issues that will need to be addressed in this regard, it does not detract from the need to protect and preserve the wild horse population in the country.

Much of the work of horse and pony protection advocacy groups involves increasing the public’s awareness of the conditions affecting wild horses. With many still unaware of the significant role that wild horses have played in Canada’s history, it is up to horse and pony protection groups to educate the public with regard to the issues faced by these majestic creatures.

For horse and pony protection advocacy groups, wild horses are heritage animals that are closely tied in with Canada’s rich and colorful history. They serve as symbols for many of the country’s most cherished values and ideals, as well as reminders of Canada’s glorious past. For some, they also serve as beacons for the country’s bright and promising future.

It is especially important to preserve and protect these animals for future generations. With an alarming number of plant and animal species in danger of extinction, many fear that there will come a time when some of the most cherished animals on the planet will be all but gone. When that time comes–and there are many indications that it will–there is practically nothing that can be done to bring these animals back.

That being said, there is something that can be done now, and horse and pony protection groups are right at the forefront of it. As environmental preservation takes root all over the world, horse and pony protection groups in Canada are ideally positioned to take advantage of the much more active exchange of information and news with like-minded environmental advocates around the world. With so much of environmental protection dependent on communicating specific concerns to the public, horse and pony protection have their work cut out for them in terms of bringing the concerns of Canada’s wild horses to the general public.

The Horse and Pony Protection Association is one of Canadian organization that provides care for equines in need.

Our organization is a registered charitable organization which operates the Hopeall sanctuary. Our budget is lean and all funds raised through donations go directly to providing care for our horses and ponies.

HAPPA-NL provides much needed care for horses and ponies that have become either unwanted, neglected, abandoned, abused or harmed.

A volunteer board of directors provide guidance and volunteer extensively with a group of other volunteers to operate both the association and our sanctuary.

A comment often made which quickly resolves any issue is quite simply summed up with “What about the Horses and Ponies… What’s best for them?” Doing what is right and never turning an equine in need away are two key fundamentals that guide our organization.

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“Horses change lives.
They give our young people confidence and self-esteem.
They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls.
They give us Hope!”