About Us

Canada’s population of wild horses is facing a serious dilemma. With hundreds of horses having to live in intolerable conditions that have severely detrimental effects on their living conditions and their very lives, it is up to environmentally-minded sectors to lend a helping hand. Horse and pony protection movements are slowly gaining some much needed support and publicity around the world, and we are here to do our share.

We offer a comprehensive array of news, information, and various other resources for helping ensure the continued preservation and protection of Canada’s wild horse populations. We focus on the most important issues surrounding the habitats and living conditions of these majestic creatures, and we make them available to the public with the goal of increasing public awareness of the plight of Canadian wild horses.

By way of this site, we hope to highlight the very real concerns that these animals face, and hopefully get more individuals and organizations actively involved in the campaign to protect wild horses from harsh living conditions and eventual extinction.

But our advocacy doesn’t end there. We also provide information on current and future government policies that can affect how these animals live and breed. It is especially important for horse and pony protection advocates to be aware of these developments so that initiatives can be launched to either support favorable government policies or oppose those which endanger the existence of wild horses.

We make every effort to insure that the information that we provide is as relevant and as up-to-date as possible. For horse and pony protection movements to succeed, keeping abreast of government policies and public sentiment is essential, which is why we strive to provide you with the most useful information that can further our goals.

One of our immediate goals is to correct false or misinformed opinions of Canada’s wild horse population. Although horse and pony protection is slowly taking off in many countries around the world, there are still those who believe that wild horses are little more than pests that compete with livestock and other animals for ranging territory, habitats, and natural resources.

Although we are fully aware of the effects that wild horse populations may have on the immediate vicinity, we also believe that changes in government policy and common business practices may yet offer up a solution that is acceptable to society at large. Part of our work therefore involves educating the public on ways and means by which wild horse populations could be dealt with, in a manner that preserves and protects them while reducing their negative effects on the community and the environment.

In many ways, environmental protection and preservation efforts are largely an uphill battle. With formidable obstacles such as government policies and public perceptions often getting in the way of effective and efficient horse and pony protection efforts, it is even more necessary to make useful and relevant information available to the public. That is exactly what we strive to do, and we do so with the primary goal of preserving Canada’s wild horse population for future generations.